The Red Bench

Nundah’s Red Bench

The Red Rose Foundation have launched the Red Bench Project to build a permanent reminder that domestic violence occurs within all of our communities. The presence of a Red Bench in a public location aims to raise public awareness and provide an opportunity for the important issue of domestic violence to remain visible. The aim is to have at least one Red Bench in every local government area in Queensland. Each bench carries a plaque. There are now over 40 red benches from local government, state government and community groups – including a Red Bench in Nundah.

Nundah Village hope that by featuring this picture of a Red Bench in our Centre, we can bring attention to this important cause, together with the Red Bench that has been installed in our very community of Nundah.

Nundah’s Red Bench but an initiative by the Red Rose Foundation, together with local Council. It is located at 1265 Sandgate Rd, Nundah. For information about The Red Rose Foundation, please click HERE